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What We Do

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What We Do
What We Do



Not by a long shot!
We've been very busy creating Solutions for our Passengers, and so admittedly we haven't had time to fix it up.
We're always happy to chat with potential Passengers to explain more of what we do in detail - feel free to email but there are still lots of goodies here in the FAQ.

For us, a Passenger is a bit more than what would normally be called a Client or Customer.
We support our Passengers no matter where they are in their business journey.
One of the coolest parts about our business is being able to interact with Passengers again and again - adding new Solutions and enhancing their existing ones.

In addition to providing custom Solutions, we're always lending an ear to tech-related curiosities/questions Passengers have.
What's a Passenger? Hopefully you!

Great question!
Solutions are what we provide our Passengers with.
Solutions are designed to tackle specific work items that you would rather have done automatically.
A Solution is composed of automations. Automations replicate steps/actions that you as a human would normally do if you were charged with the task.
You can think of the Solution like an employee - sans personality - that comes to work 99.9% of the time and completes tasks exactly as they were taught to.

An example Solution would be one where:
- a new client signs a contract
- you email the client a confirmation/welcome email
- a folder structure is created by you to keep track of the project
- you invite the client to collaborate with you on a 3rd party service such as Google Docs, Slack, or Teams

You can see how, even with client-specific needs/information, the steps of the Solution are repeatable.
Our Solutions allow for extensive custom conditional logic, so even if the needs/steps vary between clients, we've got all avenues covered.

Hopefully it makes sense now how having us do all these things for you would get time and money back. We weren't kidding earlier!

Glad you asked. Two costs are associated with our services:
The Concept, Build, Test, and Deploy Cost, which is a one-time cost associated with the aforesaid steps.
The Maintenance & Operating Cost, which is a monthly recurring cost associated with the continued operation, maintenance, and repair of the service.

Proudly Canadian Owned & Operated.
We started up because automation fundamentally changed our lives and catapulted our businesses - we want to help others that way and share our knowledge.
We believe in hard work, but also that there's more to life than work.
Folks deserve more time to themselves to relax and recharge (or go live it up!).
It's our hope that with an Autopylot Solution or two they can do just that.

Our Passengers are awesome. You must go check them out.
We suppose that's a reason to choose us - we're huge fans of our Passengers.

Also, our employees volunteer at local community groups/charities, while we as a business regularly support local organizations through donations.
When you choose Autopylot, you're choosing a local small business that's supporting its surrounding community.

We can integrate virtually any service into your Solution. The services can be from starkly different providers.
Want to integrate Microsoft Teams with Google Docs?
Stripe/Square & automatic bookkeeping?
Want a chat bot for Slack to help keep your team on track?
Dubsado meets Google Drive?
Want a highly-sophisticated employee portal with a calendar, time-tracking, customer booking solution, Gmail integration, and simple admin tools all packed into a mobile app?
Well by now you know - we've got you covered!

We'd love to hear what work we can take off your plate.
Email or Call 519-838-6566 today.